Mulch Installation

Mulch is great to enhancing the look of your landscaping, however there is more to putting down mulch than just that. To get the best results from your mulch job, follow these rules:

  1. Kill existing weeds – It is best to kill weeds (you can use Round Up) a couple of weeks prior to the time you’d like to mulch.
  2. Do all of your trimming prior to mulching. There is usually debris produced when trimming your bushes and trees.
  3. Clean out all of your mulch beds. You’ll want to rake out any dead leaves, dead weeds and any debris produced from trimming.
  4. Make sure that you cultivate any compacted soil, this allows moisture and air to pass though the mulch and get down to the roots of your plants a lot easier.
  5. This is a great time to edge your beds to have a clean look when you are done.
  6. Pre-Emergent – This step is important for the upkeep of your mulch beds. Using Preen to prevent future weeds from germinating will help you minimize your weeds throughout the season.
  7. Picking your Mulch – There are many different types of mulch, make sure that you pick one that is best for your plant material and one that enhances your landscaping.
  8. Maintenance – Throughout the season check out your mulch and make sure it is not compacted in areas and not allowing water and air to pass through.