Commercial Landscaping Services


Beauchamp can provide full-service lawn care to make your busy life easier! Ours is a premium service and we take pride in the quality and professionalism of our work.

Our weekly mowing service not only provides you with a top-quality cut, but also edging and weed-whipping to keep your lawn looking great week after week. Expert crews monitor soil moisture and grass blade length for the best possible service every time.

Spring and fall cleanup services are offered to our full-service mowing customers. Nobody likes raking leaves and with us, you won’t have to! Our crews clear lawns of leaves and debris and will haul them off site for an additional fee or leave them in a designated place on-site.

Spring and fall pruning is offered to our commercial clients. Beauchamp’s experts keep trees and shrubs in shape and prevent damage and over growth, enhancing the beauty and health of landscape plantings.

Bed maintenance is offered to our commercial clients. We supply weeding, mulching, and chemical services to keep landscape beds weed-free and looking their best.

Many times lawn problems start below the surface and over time soil can become compacted. When this happens, water and nutrients cannot reach the root system of the grass and lawns suffer. Aeration can alleviate that compaction and allow roots to breath again.

Areas Served

  • Brighton

  • Howell

  • South Lyon

  • Milford

  • Highland

  • Fenton

  • Hartland

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